Bunkering & Maritime

Minerva Bunkering, a subsidiary of Mercuria, ensures the best quality and efficient delivery of energy needs to marine vessels.

The company brings stability and reliability to the global ship fuel market by providing services and expertise to maritime fuel customers that rely on our knowledge of the entire energy space.

Minerva Bunkering operates from its trading hubs in Switzerland, ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), Greece, Canary Islands, Singapore, and New York. The company is able to utilize Mercuria’s global network of business which is active in more than 50 countries globally to ensure quality product, efficient logistics and competitive pricing.

Minerva Bunkering has access to a new terminal in Fujairah Oil Industry Zone, adjacent to the Port of Fujairah with approximately 465,000 m3 of storage. It is designed to store Class I, Class II, and Class III products from naphtha/gasoline to fuel oil.

Minerva has both a global perspective as well as local insight into real time market dynamics that add value for its customers. With many years of experience in ship fuel management, the Minerva team has in-depth awareness of market fundamentals and developments.

For more information: www.minervabunkering.com