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Mercuria Wins Commodity Deal of the Year 2014 for JP Morgan Physical Commodities Acquisition

The 2014 global Commodity Business Awards have been announced at a special ceremony at the Savoy Hotel, London. Hosted by Commodities Now magazine, the awards were presented by a variety of commodity market dignitaries and celebrated British comedian Alun Cochrane.


Commodity Deal of the Year 2014 

Mercuria (J.P. Morgan Chase physical commodity business)


“Once again, we shine the spotlight on the talent, dedication and expertise driving commodity business into a new paradigm.” said Guy Isherwood, Awards Director and Publisher/Editor of Commodities Now magazine.

“We have entered a new era for natural resource markets ... throughout the complex discovery to delivery processes that make this ‘alternative asset class’ unique. With many commodity prices now at 5-year lows, the demands on the industry to cut costs, manage resources more efficiently and drive value have never been more acute.

“These awards recognise and reward talent and excellence throughout the commodity complex; to those companies making a significant impact on the way in which commodity business is conducted and recognising those institutions making a positive contribution to the development of markets, client responsibility, and investor satisfaction,” Isherwood added.

“Whilst there have been some bright spots, overall commodities have continued to underperform as an asset class. This year prices for iron ore, coal and oil have plummeted as current economic conditions remain too soft to support lasting tailwinds for prices. Commodity funds have been closed and many producers now face the prospect of producing below the cost curve.

“We also continue to strive to make sense of – and implement – the new regulatory and reporting requirements being demanded of our industry, as well as the increasing capital costs associated with activities. This paradigm shift in the roles and relationships between market participants has made this yet another transformative year for commodity markets.

“Governments, regulators, investors, speculators, traders, manufacturers, and consumers – all those with a stake in the commodity industry – rely on those organisations represented here today. They are the best-in-class of the commodity business community.

“Commodity Business remains critical to the world’s requirements to provide food, fuel, shelter and services to a burgeoning population. And the shifting patterns of commodity demand and supply continue to challenge participants as the structures and players in the commodity supply chain develop further,” Isherwood added.

More information on the two-stage process on: www.commoditybusinessawards.com

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