Purpose & commitments

Connecting markets. Advancing the energy transition.


The global energy system needs reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. Mercuria is committed to contributing to a better energy system that achieves and balances these needs.

Mercuria’s purpose is to bring energy markets together to support the needs of today, and advance the energy transition for tomorrow.

We connect markets by bringing together buyers and sellers, while promoting fair and efficient trade. We are advancing the energy transition by investing and partnering in new businesses and technologies. And it is by harnessing our distinctive capabilities that we enable our customers to secure their energy needs and access sustainable supply chains.


There is urgent need for both the provision of low carbon energy, and the protection and restoration of nature. Both are critical if the world is to achieve net zero.

We have set out to achieve the above, and our goal of being net zero by 2050, as demonstrated by the following:


We are well ahead of our commitment that over 50% of our investment capital will go into the low carbon sector by 2025 to help advance the energy transition.



We have established Silvania, a $500 million nature investment vehicle to restore and protect land and forests. It will have an initial focus on areas totalling 10 million hectares (larger than Switzerland or Scotland).



We are working hard to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of our business. This is a non-linear journey as parts of the business are harder to decarbonise than others, so we have offset the remaining Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions in 2022.


Finally, we are committed to operating in an ethical and responsible manner. We work transparently and openly with our stakeholders to address together the complexities and opportunities in our sector.