Energy transition

One of the greatest challenges of our time.

The shift from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable and renewable sources of energy is driven by a need to halt climate change, reduce pollution, and improve energy security. Advancements in technology are also making renewable energy sources more cost effective and accessible.

The world needs to change to a global energy system that is reliable, affordable and sustainable. Mercuria plays an active role by promoting sustainability and investing in technologies and infrastructure that advance the transition to this low-carbon economy.

We don't have the solution, but we must go into action. We are a private company, who can act with speed and scale. We have committed that half of our investments will be in all parts of the energy transition by 2025. We are well ahead of this goal and have invested in over 50 different companies that include:


Innovative start-ups offering EV charging and vehicle-to-grid services.



Large-scale renewable power projects with a deal pipeline nearing 10 GW.




Companies that convert biomass or non-recyclable waste into alternative fuels or raw materials.




Carbon-capture and nature-based solutions.



These investments are projected to generate significant CO2 reductions and removals.

We have also set ambitious targets to reduce our own carbon footprint, and to protect and restore nature. We are also helping to improve energy security and sustainability in supply chains by sourcing sustainable biofuels, reducing emissions from shipping, and investing in nature based solutions such as forest preservation and reforestation projects.

Mercuria’s environmental products team works with our clients and partners to create bespoke solutions that help companies to meet their short and medium term net zero targets.

The energy transition will be a complex and multifaceted process involving a wide range of stakeholders, and happening at a different pace in different parts of the world, but it is clear that everyone needs to play their part.